Do you offer Tooth Whitening?

Yes we offer a take home option for whitening. We would highly recommend that you have your teeth cleaned before whitening by one of our Hygienists for the best results possible.

When should I bring in my Children for their first dental appointment?

We would generally recommend bringing children in from when they are 1 year of age. This helps them become familiar with the sights and sounds of a dental practice so as they become older they are more relaxed in the environment and having treatment.

When should I start brushing and flossing my children’s teeth?

Up until the age of one use a damp cloth and gently rub the teeth over to remove any build up. After the age of one you can begin using a child specific toothbrush. As soon as you can encourage them to get involved in brushing there own teeth with you supervising. As a general rule start flossing as soon as any two teeth begin to touch.

Why are having routine check ups and cleans important?

As an average we recommend having a check up and clean every 6 months or as directed by your dental professional you may need to come in more or less. These are important preventative measures to help avoid possible expensive dental treatment down the track. Plaque is one of main causes of dental decay and gum disease so it is important to come in for a clean to ensure your mouth is at its healthiest. Having regular exams is also important to pick up any possible problems while they are small and manageable and before they become painful.

Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

How do I know if we are eligible for the CDBS?

If you are eligible you will receive a written notification from the Australian Government from early 2014 on. If you have received your notification from the Australian Government please call our surgery today and we can answer your questions – and more detailed information is available from the Human Services website:

What services are covered by the CDBS?

The dental services covered include Checkups, Cleans, X-Rays, fillings, fissure seals, extractions, root canal treatment, partial dentures. Services such as orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry are not included and there are limits on certain services.

How long does this $1000 benefit last?

The $1000 benefit period commences at the start of the calendar year and can be used over the following 2 years. Any remaining benefit cannot be used past that time nor can it be transferred to any other children.

What if my child needs more treatment than what benefit is available?

If this occurs you will need to pay the difference. The Dentist will discuss this with you PRIOR to any treatment so you are fully aware.

I have been advised my dentist is not bulk billing – how does this work?

Dentists may prefer to request that patients pay in full on the day of service and then claim back from Medicare (using Medicare Easyclaim and claiming back on the same day as treatment). Your dentist will advise you of this and of any out of pocket expenses prior to any treatment.